EVOS Training Facility in Jakarta, Indonesia

Featuring here one of many training and strategy rooms for the EVOS ITF training facility headquarters in Jakarta Indonesia. The team managed to pull it off despite a global lockdown with travel restrictions in place. With our thorough design process and good coordination between Singapore HQ office for YWA and EVOS ITF in Indonesia, the project turned out great despite having to overcome the pandemic woes. The eventual design direction is a pragmatic marriage of both futuristic and contemporary interpretation. A lot of focus was on well-thought use of ambient lighting instead of direct light. One of the highlights was the centre piece featured in the pantry area. The high ceiling was utilised for this feature, adding an organic touch to the futuristic edge.

Designing corporate office spaces require a multi-faceted creative process, which takes into consideration the user group, branding representation and interaction style for discussions, just to name a few. These are amongst many other factors that will shape what a space will turn out to be.

The team at YWA had gone through a thorough thought process to ensure innovative design solutions are introduced to value add and improve the workflow of spaces. We believe that a good design should always bring greater value and elevate a space for its users.